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When I was younger I loved movies in which heroes said things like “Failing is not an option”. It probably had to do with the mindset I had at that point in my life, in which I saw life as black or white, idealised everything including results and had an expectation of perfection upon the world and of course upon myself. Each day since then and so for the last 20 years, I have been moving towards a new direction, one that feels MUCH better, because it has FREEDOM, PEACE, LOVE, COMPASSION, CREATIVITY, EXPANSION. All those where not part of the my world 20 years ago, or at least not to the depth and breath I feel them right now, which makes me think this may even grow in the future as I continue on this path.

SO, what is this path I am talking about? Let´s call it the PATH OF FREEDOM.

This path is a way of looking at the world and therefore relating to it (MINDSET) in which I can FAIL, in which it is GOOD TO FAIL, because I value EXPERIENCE over results, I value LEARNING on the way towards a goal more than the goal itself.

I have the utmost critics in the business world, in which until now had been all about results, profits, and taking the focus out of there had been a forbidden taboo. Well, there are new business leaders, a new way of doing business and of living, which not only is more peaceful and joyful for the one living it (AKA YOU and ME!). It is also more profitable and effortless.

“Denise, you are just an utopic dreamer. Without profits businesses go bankrupt and therefore we cannot achieve the company´s vision” a CEO could say to me.

I am not saying taking your sight from profits, measure them and know them. I am saying put your focus elsewhere, put your focus in what ads value to society, and all stakeholders in your business. Whether it is adding value to the customer, the employees, the supplier, the communities the business touches, those are the ones to focus on.

In their book “Firms of Endearment: How World-Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose”, the authors show how much businesses with this focus have gained over the last 16 years over the traditional only-profit-focused ones. It is not MY idea; we are many already promoting WELLBEING FOR ALL as the key success for any business.

And FOCUS is not enough; there is way to walk this path that gives your freedom, creativity, growth and that is the way of the learner who allows mistakes and failures as part of the process to create something new. If we do not allow ourselves to fail, we can never learn, and therefore there is no room to create, for fear of failure, and no room to grow.

Either we VALUE FAILURE or we FAIL TO GROW, that simple.

Ask yourself today:

  • In which areas am I not allowing failure?
  • How is this constricting my capacity to learn, create and grow?
  • What experiment can I put in place to fail «safe» and start learning as fast as possible?

Hope you can allow yourself to do this for yourselves and your organisations. I certainly allow it for myself and each day I am HAPPIER and LEAD a BETTER LIFE; full of LOVE, PASSION, JOY and PEACE. I call it magic when I get what I wanted but even better because I did not pushed for it. It happened as a consequence of focusing on the path and not the goal, of respecting my creative surges, try them out, and then let go of the consequence they bring. I let my intuition guide me towards talking to people I find interesting or I can help even if it is not part of my “core” business or focus. Things just FLOW to my life and create abundance. In reality I don’t think it is something magical, I just don’t understand how it happens but I know it happens MORE when I let myself flow where my intuition takes me, even if it entails failure along the way. I allow myself to create freely without constraints.

Hoping freedom will reach you today,

Have a great day!

Denise Dziwak

Denise Dziwak works as a coach, business consultant and speaker. Her strengths include high levels ofintuition and empathycreativity that enables organisations and teams achieve exceptional results;discipline, with which nothing seems impossible; she is a visionary woman, helping others create their own vision and making it happen. She works independently and also for highly prestigious organisations such as Vistage, the largest CEOs organisation in the world, Axialent, the consulting firm funded by Fred Kofman and pioneer in the use of Conscious Business, BetterUp and Fostering Talent.

Expertise: Executive coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Applied Creativity to Problem Solving (Design Thinking), Community & Cultural Building


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