«I am not a BLACK HOLE» The ultimate paradigm shift to transform our WORLD


I just heard Fred Kofman say this in this VIDEO and it struck me as a powerful TRUTH to change humanity. As a spiritual leader, I want to inspire people to follow the purpose I follow which of course is great for me but will ONLY WORK if it is great for ALL OF US… I am talking about PEACE, LOVE and UNITY, who would not want this?

What´s crazy is most of us agree on what we want but few are committed to make it happen. Take for instance health, most would agree we want to stay healthy but few of us put our deeds where our words are in terms of doing what we needed to do to achieve it, like eating healthy, exercising, resting enough, etcetera.

So we have a lack of alignment of our desires and our will, and then we have the biggest issue: we do not believe ourselves to be WHOLE but we believe we have HOLES to fill in from the outside.

This makes us go out to get what we want and need… who in nature except human beings does this? no one… the flower does not give its perfume to get attention or appraisal, it just does it because it is BEING a flower. Hunting for some animals is a result of their nature and how they feed, they do not hunt more than needed or save it for later, and they keep the balance in the CIRCLE OF LIFE therefore lions can live with zebras which are their prey ( only when they are hungry).

We believe we need to TAKE from outside, from nature, from others, from our couples for love, from our kids for compliance, from our clients for their money… we have believed the BIG LIE: «we need to take in order to survive». This is not an original idea I just had, it is described beautifully in a book calles ISMAEL a novel by Daniel Quinn.

There is another way: to CREATE, from the inside, from our capacity to imagine, build and make our dreams come true.This is something unique for us humans: we dream, desire, we command our will and this brings us our destiny.

CREATIVITY to GIVE, out of love, thats all we need to tapo on, and it is inborn, nothing to work on or develop, it is there from the day we are born.

I work because I am expressing who I am, not because I need the money, that comes as a result of creating something that is valuable for others. This is true with relationships as well: I create love, wellbeing, peace for everyone I can and they in exchange love me, just because it is a form of gratitude. And what if they still don´t love me? That is so fine, because I don´t need their love to be full, love is created inside of me when I honour who I am and express myself in alignment with my values. I still want to share my life and probably will get attracted to those who also want t share it with me. I am fine with that.

To me one of my strongholds in life is FAITH, and in my case I put it in this unwavering belief that life is pure LOVE, even when I feel pain, it still gives me everything I need and I make my absolute very best to connect and know who I am and express this in a way that I am most capable of and passionate for and I can contribute to create something valuable for those around me.

So what do we do? We just focus on CREATING VALUE for ourselves and others around us, not because we want something in return, but because we just want to express who each of us is . You, me, we are so unique that if each one of us does this, there will always be plenty for everyone because each of us will create something originally valuable for those around us.

My hope is that in BUSINESS we realize this as well. Just take a look at the proof in the book «Firms of Endearement» by Rajendra Sisodia, David Wolfe and Jagdish N. Sheth, in which they show how firms that build value out of love for every stakeholder outgrow other classical firms each and every year.

Let´s create a NEW WORLD, a world of peace, love and unity where there is plenty for all of us.

With love and gratitude, may you have a GREAT day!

Denise Dziwak

Denise Dziwak works as a coach, business consultant and speaker. Her strengths include high levels of intuition and empathy; creativity that enables organizations and teams achieve exceptional results; discipline, with which nothing seems impossible; she is a visionary woman, helping others create their own vision and making it happen. She works independently and also for highly prestigious organizations such as Vistage, the largest CEOs organization in the world, and Axialent, the consulting firm funded by Fred Kofman and pioneer in the use of Conscious Business.

Expertise: Executive coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Applied Creativity to Problem Solving (Design Thinking), Community & Cultural Building


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