«Suffering lies in refusing to choose. So I choose.» Nancy Swisher

Last night reading Nancy Swisher´s book I was reminded of a MAJOR life lesson: either I CHOOSE consciously or I suffer. I suffer when I do not take RESPONSIBILITY for my choices or I say to myself «I did not choose this or that» in explaining-victim mode.

An everyday example, today as I started to work I CHOSE to get myself lost in answering emails so as to «clean up my inbox».

Have you ever done this? Start by cleaning up your inbox before anything else? how about social media or Whatsapp inboxes and «notices»…

I am fortunate to have a practise as mindfulness and Inner Bonding which made me aware of some anxiety building up inside, like if I had to run for it, hurry up to get things done before I got to get to the real, good, important stuff (which ives me so much pleasure I amy say). At that second I stopped and went to the bathroom, my preferred place to stop and check inside… and this wonderful thought came in:

W ill my tomb stone read «her inbox was ALL READ and CLEAN?» or better yet «she answered all her emails»

I cannot stop laughing again at myself. It took that wonderful thought to stop the email work and decide to write this post. Since last night my soul in hungry to do this: speak my TRUTH, which is not really mine but comes from my Spirit who is connected to everything that is. I dare write about «spirit» in Linked In? wow, this is really my VOICE coming through.

I love the way Nancy talks about bringing your OWN VOICE to life, it is about connecting to who you are and manifesting it to create a NEW EARTH, and Earth of love, peace and compassion. An Earth in which we are all full of joy and grace, with abundance for everything for everyone… and this is only because in this NEW EARTH, we are ALL FREE. We act freely of our conditioned minds only guided by the utmost love, wisdom and power that flows thru us. We are all connected to the same source, consciousness, nature that nurtures and guides us.

Today, just stop for a second, take a BREATH and ask yourself if you were to die in less than 24hs would you still be doing what you are doing NOW? If not what is it that you really want to leave behind and just start it… even if you don´t finish it, it will bring long lasting joy to you AND to those around you as you inspire them.

Decide what you want the world to be like it, and START CHOOSING today.Every minute, every breath counts: either you are acting out of love, joy and peace or you are acting out of fear and control.


May you have a great day and join me in building the NEW EARTH.

Grateful to serve us all today, with love,

Denise Dziwak

Denise Dziwak works as a coach, writer, business consultant and speaker. Her strengths include high levels of intuition and empathycreativity that enables teams achieve exceptional results; discipline, with which nothing seems impossible; she is a visionary woman, helping others create their own vision and making it happen. She works independently and also for highly prestigious organisations such as Vistage, the largest CEOs organisation in the world, and Axialent, the consulting firm funded by Fred Kofman and pioneer in the use of Conscious Business. Looking for a way to quickly edit PDF online for your business? Look no further than soda pdf editor.

Expertise: Executive coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Applied Creativity to Problem Solving (Design Thinking), Community & Cultural Building


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